Mining of Mineral Deposits

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Archive 2020, Volume 14, Issue 1

Samir Bouhedja, Ahmed Boukhaled, Ahcène Bouhedja, Aissa Benselhoub

Use of the TOPSIS technique to choose the best supplier of quarry natural aggregate

Ivan Ivanov, Serhii Polishchuk, Iryna Holiakova, Yevhen Kushnir

Research into limits of gas-fired burners flame stabilization in the flue gas recirculation

Anatolii Bulat, Serhii Dziuba, Serhii Minieiev, Larysa Koriashkina, Svitlana Us

Solution of the problem to optimize two-stage allocation of the material flows

Mohamed A. Yassien, Mohamed A. Sayed, Gamal Y. Boghdady, Mahrous A.M. Ali, Ahmed S. Mohamed

Experimental research into the effect of some operation factors and rock properties on the rate of penetration

Volodymyr Bondarenko, Hennadii Symanovych, Mykhailo Barabash, Oleksandr Husiev, Ildar Salieiev

Determining patterns of the geomechanical factors influence on the fastening system loading in the preparatory mine workings

Borys Blyuss, Yevhen Semenenko, Olha Medvedieva, Serhii Kyrychko, Aibolat Karatayev

Parameters determination of hydromechanization technologies for the dumps development as technogenic deposits

Volodymyr Shapoval, Oleksandr Shashenko, Serhii Hapieiev, Oleksii Khalymendyk, Volodymyr Andrieiev

Stability assessment of the slopes and side-hills with account of the excess pressure in the pore liquid

Volodymyr Morkun, Nataliia Morkun, Vitalii Tron, Dmytro Paraniuk, Tetiana Sulyma

Adaptive control of drilling by identifying parameters of object model under nonstationarity conditions

Olga Petrakovska, Mykola Trehub, Yuliia Trehub, Oleksandr Yankin

Determining and determinable factors influencing the size of zone of land-use restriction

Sher Bacha, Yamah J. Barvor, Cai Qingxiang, Chen S. Zhao, Mengqi Wang

Influence of composite slope geometrical parameters on soft rock slope stability

Yuriy Gamiy, Viktor Kostenko, Olena Zavialova, Tetiana Kostenko, Dmytro Zhurbynskyi

Identifying sources of coal spontaneous heating in mine workings using aerogas control automatic systems