Mining of Mineral Deposits

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       Mining of Mineral Deposits (MMD) is a quarterly peer review journal published by Dnipro University of Technology, Dnipro, Ukraine. MMD publishes original research papers on various aspects of Mining and related issues.

       The paper must be submitted in English (American or British usage is accepted, but not a mixture of these) and should be written according to sound grammar and proper terminology. Paper submitted in Ukrainian or Russian is accepted for reviewing too (after peer review process paper is translated into English).

       A paper volume is from 3000 to 8000 words.

       The paper for peer review is submitted in its original form (without any special requirements for formatting) in .doc or .docx format, however, with the strict observance of paper structure (IMRAD).

       Paper structure:

       - initials, surnames of all authors (not more than 8 people, including not more than 4 from one affiliation);

       - Title (not more than 15 words);

       - Abstract (200-250 words of exclusively common terminology) must be structured and contain the following components: Purpose; Methods; Findings; Originality; Practical implications; Keywords (5-7 words). Abstract should not repeat the paper title. All specified points of the Abstract must be observed.

      The paper main body should contain the following required elements (IMRAD):

       - Introduction (problem formulation, analysis of recent research and publications, highlighting the common parts of the problem that have not been solved earlier, formulating the research purpose and setting the objectives);

       - Methods (structure, consistent stages of research. The methods of the conducted research and tools are described);

       - Results and Discussion (presentation of the achieved research results). Results and Discussion can be divided into two subsections;

       - Conclusions (conclusions should be presented in a summarized form, describing the most important research results, as well as the views of the author(s) on the practical application of the results);

       - Acknowledgements Acknowledgements: to a grant; fund (name, number, type of project) scientists for advice. Names of organizations should be written in full. The case, when the research results are obtained without the support of any of the projects or funding, is also noteworthy. Your gratitude can also be expressed to the organization, laboratory, institution, etc., which are to some extent involved in the publication of your paper);

       - References must be executed in compliance with the APA (name-date method). There are no any restrictions on the number of references. Self-reference should not exceed 20% of the total number.

       You should use design template for paper preparation.

       Template for preparation of papers

       Following acceptance of the article for publication, authors will be asked to complete and signed, the copyright for the accepted article, individually due to the fully peer review processing and publication. Therefore, author(s) must fill in detailed information about author(s) and statement and send by e-mail to Editorial Office

       Editors of the Journal reserve the right to accept or reject any article in any stage, if necessary.

       Only one paper can be in submission by a single author at any one time. If you have already submitted a manuscript to the journal of Mining of Mineral Deposits, you must wait to receive the final decision on it (Accept or Reject) before submitting a new manuscript. Manuscripts submitted while a decision has not been made on a previously submitted manuscript will be returned to their authors without review. Moreover, not more than one paper per year can be published in the journal. Such a restriction was put into effect by a decision of the Editorial Board in order to enable more authors to publish an article in the journal Mining of Mineral Deposits.