Mining of Mineral Deposits

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       The Editors of the journal “Mining of Mineral Deposits”, published by the Dnipro University of Technology “DUT” (former National Mining University “NMU”), maintain a certain level of requirements for selection and accepting of the articles submitted by authors. These rules are determined by the scientific fields covered in the journal. They are regulated by the Certificate on State Registration, and Quality Standards of Scientific Paper and Its Presentation adopted in the scientific community.

       Drawing up the items of the publication ethics policy of the journal Dnipro University of Technology. Editors followed the recommendations of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and the experience of foreign professional associations and other Ukrainian and foreign research institutions and publishers.

       An essential feature of professional scientific community is the acceptance of the moral code which sets the basic rules of behavior and the responsibilities of the scientific community members before each other and in relation to the public. Such a code is defined by the intention to ensure maximum benefit to the professional community and to limit the actions, which could serve the interests of individuals, as well as to ensure an author's intellectual property rights.

       In addition to the aforesaid Editors set a list of ethical standards bellow. It should guide persons (editors, authors and reviewers) involved in the publication of research results in the field of mining and related industries and other fields of science considered in the journal.

       The Editors believe that the rules presented below are approved by the majority of qualified researchers; they may also be of great help to students, graduate students and young scientists who are beginners in research activity. Scholars of authority may welcome the opportunity to once again return to the issues that are important to scientific practice.