Mining of Mineral Deposits

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       As the reviewing of manuscripts is an essential step in the publication process, and therefore in the operation of the scientific method, every scientist has an obligation to do a fair share of reviewing.

       A chosen reviewer who feels inadequately qualified to judge the research reported in a manuscript should return it promptly to the editor.

       At the end of 2020, the Editorial Office of the journal Mining of Mineral Deposits decided to receive a subscription for the most powerful plagiarism detection software to feel confident that the journal reputation will be protected.

      So, from 2021 all submitted papers are screened by the professional plagiarism prevention tool iThenticate that is the most trusted plagiarism checker by the world's top researchers, publishers, and scholars.

      iThenticate serves leading international publishers and granting agencies. Publishing customers include Elsevier, Springer, Nature, Taylor & Francis, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford University Press, IEEE, MDPI, etc. Government granting agencies, including the National Science Foundation, The U.S. Department of Energy, and the Swiss National Science Foundation, use iThenticate to check grant proposals and manuscripts for originality.

      All the papers provided for review have their original text tested for the level of uniqueness determined by using the appropriate software that shows the uniqueness of the article, sources used and coincidence of the text.