Mining of Mineral Deposits

ISSN 2415-3443 (Online)

ISSN 2415-3435 (Print)

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       Journal of Mining of Mineral Deposits covers topics related to mining sciences. The journal's subject matter includes:

  • Mining of Coal and Ore Deposits (mining technology and technique, mining methods, blasting, transportation, ventilation, mine design and planning, mining surveying, mine geology);
  • Geomechanics (rock mechanics, geoengineering);
  • Clean Coal Technologies (underground coal gasification, hydrogenation, coal bed methane);
  • Reservoir Engineering (mining geophysics, borehole exploring, oil and gas exploitation);
  • Environment (environmental safety, natural and technological hazards in mines, mine environmental geochemistry, environmental pollution control and remediation technology, problems associated with mining and mineral processing activities, environmental aspects of mining operations, tailings and waste dumps management, reclamation);
  • Economy (economics and industry organization, management of mineral resources);
  • Occupational Safety and Health;
  • Social Aspects of Mining Activities.

       The readers can find in this journal both the articles with applied investigations and with results of fundamental researches that make the base for new technical developments. The present journal is addressed to mining engineers, scientific and research personnel, students, postgraduates and all professionals connected with the mining industry.