Mining of Mineral Deposits

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ISSN 2415-3435 (Print)

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       The aim of this journal is to cover key problems facing the modern mining industry and provide solutions to these issues based on fundamental and applied studies involving the development of new scientific approaches.

       The journal places an emphasis on familiarizing foreign and domestic professionals with the modern tendencies of Ukraine’s and European countries’ mining industry development. The popularization and knowledge exchange gained as a result of the relationship between national and international research will assist in future development projects.

       “Mining of Mineral Deposits” publish scientific papers of well-known scientists and leading specialists in the mining industry, progressive R&D laboratories, commercial organizations and universities with an established mining profile elucidates important scientific-technical problems of development of mining.

       This journal presents multiple aspects of mining technology implementation in several aspects: extraction of coal, iron, manganese, uranium and other ores. Capturing and utilization of coalbed methane by various methods including alternative ones, safety measures in mining, ecological aspects, etc. Specific attention is paid to intensification of mineral resources extraction processes by way of modernizing openings methods, development and mining methods depending on mining-geological conditions. Experimental results of stress-strain state rock massif forecast by means of computational experiments using recursive methods are also discussed. Any mining operations should finally result in adequate recovery of land surface and utilization of mining wastes using various environmentally friendly methods.

       Non traditional methods of minerals mining are becoming more topical and of higher demand in the modern society. Hence, several papers are devoted to underground coal gasification and its subsequent processes. In addition, extraction technologies of gas hydrate, as a source of an abundant amount of natural gas are thoroughly examined in this journal, including implementation of gas hydrate technologies for mine methane utilization with its following transportation in a solid state. Furthermore, attention is given to evolution of economic efficiency of minerals mining by the proposed methods, their ways of enrichment, ecological aspects and the influence of mining production on the environment, innovational logistics solutions at mining enterprises, and also to perspectives of Ukraine’s mining industry integration to the European standards.