Mining of Mineral Deposits

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Archive 2019, Volume 13, Issue 4

S. Podkopaiev, V. Gogo, I. Yefremov, O. Kipko, I. Iordanov, Yu. Simonova

Phenomena of stability of the coal seam roof with a yielding support

A. Khorolskyi, V. Hrinov, O. Mamaikin, Yu. Demchenko

Models and methods to make decisions while mining production scheduling

D. Nettour, M. Chettibi, G. Bulut, A. Benselhoub

Beneficiation of phosphate sludge rejected from Djebel Onk plant (Algeria)

E. Aben, Zh. Markenbayev, N. Khairullaev, S. Myrzakhmetov, Kh. Aben

Study of change in the leaching solution activity after treatment with a cavitator

N.M. Shahani, M.J. Sajid, X. Zheng, I.M. Jiskani, M.A. Brohi, M. Ali, B. Ullah, A.R. Qureshi

Fault tree analysis and prevention strategies for gas explosion in underground coal mines of Pakistan