Mining of Mineral Deposits

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Archive 2015, Volume 9, Issue 1

Nalyvaiko Ya.M., Akimov O.A., Diachenko A.P., Pavlychenko A.V.

Algorithm of rock massif stress-strain state calculation when mining a suite of flat coal seams

Buzylo V.I., Savelieva T.S., Koshka O.G., Serdiuk V.P., Saveliev V.A.

Study of the wall rock convergence while stoping operations in the Western Donbas mines

Biedariev M.T., Borodin I.V., Liubymov O.V., Sytnikov G.A., Siemientsov V.V.

Visual inspection of lock failure of the anchor in the borehole

Medianyk V.Yu., Netecha M.V., Demchenko Yu.I.

Integrated production and utilization of mineral resources

Mamaikin O.R., Salli S.V., Pochepov V.M., Ashcheulova O.M.

Complex assessment of the recovery ratio of unprofitable mines