Mining of Mineral Deposits

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Evaluation criteria

In your review, please consider the following aspects as you evaluate the overall quality of the manuscript.

Title The title of the article reflects the contents of the work?
Abstract Is abstract are correct in terms of content and form?
Importance Is the content important to the relevant field and of interest to the journal's readers?
Originality Does the paper present new, innovative or insightful information? Does it reflect current information on this topic?
Methodology Appropriateness of approach or experimental design, adequacy of analytic or experimental techniques. Methods adequately described? Appropriate?
Organization Are ideas developed and related in a logic sequence? Are transitions between discussions smooth and easy to follow? Is the content consistent with the purpose of the paper?
Clarity Is the purpose of the paper apparent or stated in the introductory section? Are any areas vague or difficult to understand? Are there any contradictions or inconsistencies? Does the paper stay focused?
Accuracy Is any information in the paper inaccurate? Are interpretations and conclusions sound? Has the author accurately characterized what referenced literature relates? Do math or text errors appear in figures or tables?
Results Results relevant to problem posed? Credible? Well presented? Relevance of the figures and table, clarity of legends and titles.
Conclusions Soundness of conclusions. Conclusions warranted by the data?
References Do the references represent authoritative sources of information? Have the most current references on this topic been included? Whether reference are adequate in case of quality and quantity?