Mining of Mineral Deposits

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Review form description

       The review form covers all the information required from a reviewer for the editors to evaluate the manuscript. It contains five parts.

  • 1. Reviewer and manuscript Information
  • 2. The statement of the Reviewer
  • 3. Reviewer and manuscript Information

       Reviewers are required to rate the manuscript in several categories corresponding to the evaluation criteria. The levels of rating are Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, and Very Poor.

  • 4. Reviewer conclusion

       Indicate your recommendation by choosing one of the following:

       Accept without revision: The paper is ready for publication.

       Accept with minor revisions: The paper requires only simple revisions that could be accomplished within short period of time.

       Accept with major revisions: More extensive revisions are required (such as rethinking interpretations of the data, finding and incorporating missed references into the narrative, rethinking the structure and presentation of data tables, adding illustrations, etc.). This category of acceptance would require substantial amount of time for revisions to be completed.

       Reject but may resubmit: The topic and basic approach of the analysis or experiment are appropriate to MMD, but some of the work needs to be redone, or additional works need to be incorporated. Note that "Reject may resubmit" does NOT mean that the paper is unsuitable for MMD, nor is it a negative response. It simply means that the requested revisions will probably require significant amount of work. If you choose this option, emphasize in your comments that the author is, in fact, encouraged to resubmit the article and that the recommendation is not a negative one, but rather one which will allow more time for revisions.

       Reject: The paper is unsuitable for MMD. If you have ideas for a more appropriate venue, please feel free to mention them for the author's benefit.

  • 5. Comments to the editors

       Used to give confidential comments that will not be forwarded to the author.

  • 6. Comments to the author(s)

       For reviewers to offer comments that will be forwarded to the author. Please do not make any specific statement about acceptability of the paper in this part.