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Determination of the rock mass displacement zone by numerical modeling method when exploiting the longwall at the Nui Beo Coal Mine, Vietnam

Tien Trung Vu1, Son Anh Do1

1Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Hanoi, Vietnam

Min. miner. depos. 2023, 17(1):59-66

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      Purpose. It is important to conduct a study to identify the displacement zone caused by mining operations. By numerical modeling the process of mining the longwall 31104 in Seam 11 at the Nui Beo Coal Mine, Vietnam, the authors have deter-mined the total height of the rock mass displacement zone and the boundary of the affected area on the topographic surface.

      Methods. In this study, the authors use a numerical modeling method. The models are developed based on the UDEC (Universal Distinct Element Code) software. In addition, field survey methods and statistical analysis methods are used.

      Findings. Based on the analysis of the numerical modeling results, it has been determined that the total height of the displacement zone, when exploiting the longwall 31104 in Seam 11, is about 63 m. The analysis of the numerical modeling results also shows that the roof collapse angle is 52°, which determines the area of influence on the topographic surface in the range of 160 m.

      Originality. Based on the UDEC software, the authors have developed a simulation model for the mining process of the longwall 31104 in Seam 11. Analysis of the model results has shown the state of the displacement zone of the surrounding rock mass. In this study, the numerical modeling method is applied to simulate the longwall displacement zone, which is consistent with the actual production of the underground mine.

      Practical implications. Based on the analysis of the surrounding rock mass displacements zone, when exploiting the longwall 31104 in Seam 11 at the Nui Beo Coal Mine, the affected boundary on the topographic surface has been determined. At the same time, the height of the rock mass displacement zone has also been calculated. Thus, the research results can be used as a basis for implementation in actual production at the Nui Beo Coal Mine.

      Keywords: mining, displacement, longwall, rock mass, numerical modeling


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