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Substantiation and development of innovative container technology for rock mass lifting from deep open pits

Bolatkhan Khussan1, Arstanbek Abdiev2, Marat Bitimbayev3, Sergey Kuzmin4, Sayat Issagulov1, Azamat Matayev1

1Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University, Karaganda, Kazakhstan

2Kyrgyz State Technical University, Bishkek, Kyrgystan

3National Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kazakhstan

4Rudny Industrial Institute, Rudny, Kazakhstan

Min. miner. depos. 2022, 16(4):87-95

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      Purpose. The research purpose is to substantiate the rational parameters of innovative container technology for transporting mine rocks in open pits with account of technological advantages.

      Methods. The winding machine normal operation was determined by calculation performed. The container metal structure was designed in the environment of the Compass-3D software complex. The structural elements were tested for normal operation using computer modeling methods in the APM WinMachine 9.7 program, which gives the possibility to obtain the strength calculation values.

      Findings. The results of modeling the stresses on the wall of the container and the frame, as well as the yield strength are presented. The test calculation confirms the technical feasibility for operating the dragline-based mine winding machines. The influence of the container capacity on the performance of the winding machine has been determined and the dependence of the economic efficiency of the container technology introduction at the open pit depth has been revealed.

      Originality. For the first time, on the basis of computer modeling, the parameters of stress distribution on the container wall have been substantiated when performing a strength calculation. It has been determined that the maximum stress in the container wall is 117.52 N/mm2; the principal stress value is 83.85 N/mm2. The safety factor for yield strength is 1.8. The maximum load acting on the structure is 957.5 kgf, which does not exceed the calculated value.

      Practical implications. The practical importance is to improve mining efficiency, reduce the cost of transporting rocks and ensure automatic container unloading. The use of replaceable containers in open pits can significantly change the formation principles of shovels and transport complexes, increase their performance and the efficiency of shovels in the main processes.

      Keywords: deep open pit, open-pit mining operations, mining practice, rocks


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