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Reliability and maintainability of scraper conveyor used in coal mining in the Jiu Valley

Vlad Alexandru Florea1, Dragos Pasculescu1, Vlad Mihai Pasculescu2

1University of Petrosani, Petrosani, 332006, Romania

2National Institute for Research and Development in Mine Safety and Protection to Explosion – INSEMEX, Petrosani, 332047, Romania

Min. miner. depos. 2021, 15(3):16-21

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      Purpose.The aim of the study is to determine and analyse causes of faults in the operation of TR-7A scraper conveyor and to estimate the required time for their remediation and select the methods of their prevention and elimination.

      Methods. The characteristic of a system, such as the scraper conveyor, intended to fulfil its specified function in time and operation conditions, can be studied, theoretically, by determining its operational reliability. This implies the existence of a framework that incorporates several interconnected components of technical, operational, commercial and management nature. The quantitative expression of reliability was based on elements of mathematical probability theory and statistics (exponential distribution law), failure and repair mechanism not being subject to certain laws.

      Findings. The following TR-7A subassemblies, if defective, could have been the cause of a failure: chains, hydraulic couplings, chain lifters, drive, return drums, some electrical equipment. After 28 months of monitoring the TR-7A operation, we have established the number of failures (defects) ni, the operating time between failures ti, frequency of failures fc, time to repair tri, weight repair time pr, mean time between failures (MTBF), mean time to repair (MTR).

      Originality.Data collection and processing involves the adoption of specific procedures to allow the correct highlighting of the causes and frequency of failures. The accomplishment of this approach allowed finding the solutions for increasing reliability of some subassemblies of TR-7A conveyor (i.e., those subjected to abrasive wear).

      Practical implications.One solution was to use materials with compositional and functional gradient in the case of worn surfaces of some subassemblies. It was successfully applied for the chain lifters where a significant increase in the mean time between failures was obtained. The field of application of these materials can be extended to the metal subassemblies of machines and equipment with abrasion wear that occurs both in underground mines and in quarries.

      Keywords:conveyor, exponential distribution law, multilayer structure, recondition, reliability, wear


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