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Geostatistical analysis of the nickel source in Gllavica mine, Kosovo

Rafet Zeqiri1

1University of Mitrovica, Mitrovica, 40000, Kosovo

Min. miner. depos. 2020, 14(2):53-58

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      Purpose. Substantiation of calculating the rational parameters of reaction and yielding property of Geological research character and real quality assessment of Nickel source based on the geostatistical survey analysis and comparing the block quality grade results by assessing present mining condition of nickel mineral resources and its exploitation perspective.

      Methods. New geological research has confirmed geological reserves, quality and extent of ore body and its position presented in geological transverse and longitudinal profiles. Herein we address the nickel ore exploitation stage by dividing the source in mini blocks and calculating the exploitable ore quality credibility interval.

      Findings. Based on geological drills and ore quality at different depths, we have assessed the nickel ore quality at the source. This quality has been assessed by setting the nickel quality credibility interval according to terrain profiles and quota. Therefore, our findings provide complete assurance that during exploitation we will have ore homogenization and the quality will be reasonable.

      Originality.The use of appropriate software, creation of databases according to the values acquired from field research provides us the best possible assessment that is argued in this paper.

      Practical implications.Deep geological researches provide safety during exploitation, which should be continuous during the ore exploitation stage, therefore the geological research character is divided in two research stages, according to profiles and according to exploitation blocks.

      Keywords: nickel source, geological drilling, blocks, ore quality


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