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Stability of the overworked slightly metamorphosed massif around mine working

Iryna Kovalevska1, Volodymyr Samusia1, Dmytro Kolosov1, Vasyl Snihur2, Tetiana Pysmenkova1

1Dnipro University of Technology, Dnipro, 49005, Ukraine

2MM “Dniprovske”, PJSC “DTEK Pavlohradvuhillia”, Pavlohrad, 51400, Ukraine

Min. miner. depos. 2020, 14(2):43-52

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      Purpose. The study of mechanisms of the overworked slightly metamorphosed massif stability around mine working using the example of laminal rocks in the Western Donbas (Ukraine).

      Methods. The analysis of the overworking influence when planning mining operations on the underlying horizons has been made based on the studies of the stress-strain state on the overlying horizons. Attention was paid to the conditions of a slightly metamorphosed coal-bearing rock massif, which has specific mechanical properties and structural peculiarities. A computational experiment by the finite element method has been performed. The model adequacy and the calculation accuracy of the stress-strain state have been proved. The research results have been confirmed by a mine experiment.

      Findings. The geomechanical model of the computational experiment has been substantiated, in which the real massif structure, factors of stratification, fracturing, and moisture saturation, which weaken the strength and deformation properties of the rocks, are reflected. The zones of uncontrolled collapse, hinged-block displacement, and smooth deflection of layers without discontinuity have been studied.

      Originality.The patterns of the overworking influence on the state of mine workings in the laminal massif of soft rocks have been determined. Therewith, three areas of lithotypes discontinuity throughout a height of a parting have been identified and the stresses components parameters, as well as their compliance with real mining and geological conditions have been analysed.

      Practical implications.It has been proved the absence of the overworking influence on the underlying mine workings state in a slightly metamorphosed massif. A comparative analysis with the mine experiment results has been made. The possibility of mining the protecting pillar reserves is shown, which will allow to extract additional coal without attracting significant material resources.

      Keywords: rock massif, geomechanical factors, overworking, stress-strain state, support


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