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Hydro-thermodynamic model of deep-water hydraulic lift of 3-phase fluid considering heat-mass-exchange processes

V. Samusia1, V. Kyrychenko1, Ye. Kyrychenko1, S. Ilina1, А. Antonenko1

1Mining Mechanics Department, National Mining University, Dnipro, Ukraine

Min. miner. depos. 2017, 11(2):96-102

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      Purpose.To justify theoretical dependences of the main flow parameters of 3-phase streams for modeling the process of hydraulic hoisting of polymetallic nodules in the flow section of the deep-water air-lift for various structures of heterogeneous fluid flow.

      Methods. Theoretical studies allowed to establish dependences of the main flow parameters of 3-phase streams transporting solid material in a vertical pipeline.

      Findings. We obtained dependences describing the main characteristics of 3-phase flows in vertical pipelines and calculation formulas for determining the flow parameters of polymetallic nodules hydraulic hoisting for different flow patterns of the fluid. An approach to the development of a mathematical treatment of the mechanism underlying solid materials transportation in the carrying fluid is proposed.

      Originality.A thermohydrodynamic model of the rising pipe of the deep-water air-lift hydraulic hoisting is developed taking into account the heat-mass exchange processes with different structures of the 3-phase fluid.

      Practical implications. We developed and prepared for trial operation the software simulating transitional operation modes of deep-water hydraulic lifts transporting polymetallic nodules.

      Keywords: hydraulic hoisting, deep-water, heat-and-mass-exchange, flow pattern, hydraulic fluid


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