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Effect of rocks displacement activation on the formation of the surface trough during anthracite seams extraction

M. Filatiev1

1Mine Surveying, Geodesy and Geology Department, Donbas State Technical University, Lysychansk, Ukraine

Min. miner. depos. 2017, 11(2):91-95

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      Purpose.To define peculiarities related to the formation of the dynamic and stationary half-troughs under the influence of anthracite seam extraction by adjacent faces.

      Methods. To establish the parameters of the surface displacement during the consecutive extraction of adjacent faces. Analysis of experimental data.

      Findings. The effect of rocks displacement activation on the formation of the dynamic half-trough on the surface is established.

      Originality. It is established that the length of the stationary half-troughs is almost functionally related to the total width of the goaf. The correlations between the stationary half-trough parameters and the degree of stoping development are determined.

      Practical implications. The obtained results contribute to the improvement of measures for the rational protection of objects on the surface.

      Keywords: : displacement, extraction, rock, activation, anthracite seams, displacement trough, double faces


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