Mining of Mineral Deposits

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Managing mining enterprises’ assets as the basis of their competitiveness

O. Zhamoida1

1Private Joint-Stock Company “Donetsksteel” – Iron and Steel Works”, Kyiv, Ukraine

Min. miner. depos. 2016, 10(4):50-55

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      Purpose. Clarification of the essence of the coal enterprise asset management system as the main instrument to ensure its competitiveness through the effective use and involvement in the turnover of all assets available.

      Methods. The study uses general scientific methods, scientific abstraction, analysis and synthesis, historical and logic approaches, induction and deduction to determine methodological nature of competitiveness management and research of the factors influencing this process.

      Findings. The proposed asset management system enables the coal enterprise in a relatively short time to create a foundation for the growth of its long-term competitiveness and address the causes underlying working capital deficit.

      Originality.For the first time adaptive practical tools and mechanisms to preserve the competitiveness of coal enterprises are suggested for consideration.

      Practical implications.Theoretical and methodological provisions of the article can be viewed as specific methods and recommendations for the management of coal enterprises competitiveness.

      Keywords: asset management, competitiveness, operational efficiency, management processes, decision-making


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