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Technological characteristics of the device for bore hole cleaning

A. Ighnatov1

1 Techniques Prospect of Deposits Department, National Mining University, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Min. miner. depos. 2016, 10(2):85-90

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      Purpose.Rationale for structural and technological parameters of the device for processing the bore hole vuggy zone departing from the set dependences of active jets formation while streamlining the blade element.

      Methods. Laboratory and theoretical research allowed to establish the regularities of active jets formation while streamlining the blade element of the special device and their influence on the technological indexes of the process of bore holes plugging.

      Findings. The necessity to conduct pilot research of the device for the interval cleaning of bore hole is well-proven with the purpose to obtain an adequate physical model of its work. The actual types of liquid flowing through the blade sys-tem and its interaction with slime vuggy agglomerates have been identified. The terms ensuring stable mode of streamlining the device working unit are considered. The research resulted in determining certain technologically reasonable geometrical characterictics, which provide acceptable modes of processing vuggy zones. Areas of further research are outlined.

      Originality. A reliability of work of device for processing bore hole index is an observance in his construction of fully certain geometrical correlations, corresponding to the steady mode of moving away of vuggy agglomerates.

      Practical implications. The results obtained by theoretical and laboratory research can be applied for developing effective technology of fixing and plugging the bore holes with high technical and economic indexes. Data on the study of the mode of streamlining the blade element form the basis for the development of rational mode parameters of cleaning vuggy zones of a bore hole.

      Keywords: bore hole, vugg, clay-mud agglomerates, device for processing, slope angle, active stream, flowrate


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