Mining of Mineral Deposits

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Advance ways of functional regulatory system in the area of ventilation planning and longwalls degasification

Pilyugin V.I1,Starikov G.P2

1LLC “DTEK”, Donetsk, Ukraine

2Institute of Mining Processes Physics of NAS of Ukraine, Donetsk, Ukraine

Min. miner. depos. 2013, 7(1):99-104

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      This article gives an analysis of the regulatory methods for determining the possible load on the working face by a factor of ventilation. Propose directions and means of improving methodology. Justify the ways to improve the reliability of accounting “gas factor” on the stage of technological design.


Rukovodstvo po proektirovaniyu ventilyatsii ugol'nykh shakht [Tekst]: Gosudarstvennyy normativnyy akt ob okhrane truda. – K., 1994. – 311 s.

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